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Teaching the spiker’s wrist snap and follow-through - The Art ...

Teaching the spiker’s wrist snap and follow-through. Producing a good blend of power and control as a hitter depends greatly on how your hand strikes the ball and what you do after contact. Here, Cary Wendell Wallin offers a quick tutorial on the importance of hand shape (no “Barbie hands”), wrist snap and a good follow-through.

How to Hit A Volleyball - Volleyball Wrist Snap Technique and ...

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About hitter training and the myth of the wrist snap ...

Definitely no wrist snap. Create spin by driving the force from your core through your arm. Making sure the arms and elbow line up with the ball at contact. So many players just swinging arms only and snapping. Probably because so many coaches teaches “Snap on the ball”. Maybe it’s because they have been taught that in the past.

Wrist-Snap Progression: Hitting with More Speed - Volleyball ...

The Wrist-Snap Progression sequence begins by having to players face each other. The first player holds the ball in their non hitting hand and then using only their wrist they snap the ball to the ground as fast as possible bouncing the ball their partner. The partner then uses their wrist only to snap the ball down and back to the first player.

Different Types of Spikes in Volleyball | Oakville Volleyball

If you take advantage of the wrist snap then you are likely to hit the ball more forcefully. As a result, the ball will land on the opposite side of the court much quicker. Off-speed Spike. The “off-speed” spike is also known as the “roll shot” in volleyball sport.

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STOP Teaching Hitting - USA Volleyball

When coaches teach spiking, they often train hitting against a wall, to “develop wrist snap” – players enjoy the repetitive swing, bounce ball on floor, ricochet up off the wall and repeat rhythm. This is to develop “Wrist Snap” – which, given the .008-.01 contact time of a good spike, simply does NOT exist.

How Can I Spike Harder? - USA Volleyball

Volleyball is also the only sport where one maximum effort, jumping, is followed immediately by another max effort, spiking the ball. It takes a LOT of repetitions and good timing to hit that sweet spot every time. Use the wall correctly. Most players love to bang the ball repetitively against the wall. Coaches tell me it develops “wrist snap.” Nope.

Volleyball Hitting Drills and Technique

Perfecting the spike by snapping the wrist, not only does a hitter hit harder but they also have more court to hit into because they can hit at sharper angles into the court. Team Approach Jumps - Volleyball Hitting Drills