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Relieve Neck Pain and Headaches with a Tennis Ball

Now the juicy part. You will need a tennis ball. Nothing else. We’ll start with the trapezius. Lay down on the floor and relax your neck and head. Place the tennis ball directly under that large bulge next to your neck we spoke about before. Slowly move your body around and find sore points. When you hit one you will know.

Tennis Balls to Reduce Neck Tension | Healthfully

When you have a pain in the neck -- literally -- it could be caused by tension. Tension can set off a chain of events that leads to soreness at trigger points, which sometimes feels like knots in a muscle. When tension in your neck causes over-activity in the fascia of your muscles, a tennis ball pressed against the sore area can often reduce the tension and make the pain go away.

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This Tennis Ball Massage Relieves Stubborn Neck and Back Pain

Tennis Ball Massage. 1. Aching Back. According to the American Spinal Decompression Association, at least 80% of Americans will experience lower back pain at some time in ... 2. Constricted Chest. 3. Sore Feet. 4. Hurting Hands. 5. Hula Hips.

Tennis Ball Massage for the Neck and Upper Back - YouTube

Tennis balls are a great tool for self-massage. In this video, you'll learn how to use tennis balls to open up your neck and upper back.If you like this vide...

Tennis Ball Tricks for Relieving Pain in your Back, Neck ...

Tense your toes and push the balls a slightly upwards so that you can feel a stretch in your neck. There might be some discomfort or a relaxing gentle pain during the stretch, but never a sharp pain and discomfort. Once you attain the stretch, relax your toes again and take at least 10 deep breaths.

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How to Release Neck & Shoulder Tension w/ Tennis Balls - YouTube

Hi Friends! This is a short tutorial on using tennis balls to release tension in the neck and shoulders, also called myofascial release. I have a lot of anxi...

Self Myofascial Release for Neck and Shoulders

Simply put two tennis balls in a sock, and position that beneath the bottom of your skull, with one tennis ball on either side of your neck. Using your SMR device will likely give you more stable experience overall, which may help further relax the targeted muscles.

3 Ways to Get Rid of Stress Balls on Your Neck - wikiHow

The tennis ball should not cause pain. Move your neck and body up and down and from side to side, allowing the tennis ball to roll over the stress knot. This helps to release tension from the muscle and loosen the knot. Make sure that your neck is a natural neutral position when using a tennis ball.