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9v9 Soccer Formations (8 Great Options to Choose From)

3-3-2 Formation. Another very common 9v9 formation is the 3-3-2 which is very solid and hard to play against. With three defenders and three midfielders in front of them, the opposition should struggle to score while the two strikers up front mean that the team still offers up a goalscoring threat.

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9v9 Formations Strengths & Weakness of 1-3-2-3. Strengths of Formation. • Option of building up out of the back with the 3 Defenders and 2 Midfielders • Allows the outside backs to push on, overlap or underlap • Numbers up in the attack allows for a quick counter attack • With three forwards it should allow for a high pressing game and winning the ball back immediately upon losing possession.

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9v9 Soccer Formations 3-3-2. More balanced formation. 3-4-1. Geared towards dominating the midfield. Defense oriented. 2-3-3. Attacking oriented. Leaves Defense Exposed. You must have the right defensive players. 7v7 3-2-1. Defensive oriented. Not much attack with only one forward. 3-1-2. Strong defensively. Exposes the midfield with only one player.

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© 2014 U.S. Soccer CONFIDENTIAL — Not to be shared without U.S. Soccer approval Thursday, January 16, 14 POSITIONAL ROLES AND NUMBERS 9v9 1-3-3-2 FORMATION 51) or)3:2:1)Forma(on)) 7v7: Recommended 2-3-1 or 3-2-1 Formation 1* 1-3-3-2*Forma9on*for*9v9*) (#1)Goalkeeper)):)Keep)ball)out)of)goal ) ):)Organize)the)backs/defense)

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9v9 Soccer Formations. 3-3-2 Formation. 3-3-2 Formation. 3-2-3 Formation. 3-1-2-2 Formation. 3-2-1-2 Formation. 3-4-1 Formation. 2-4-2 Formation. 2-3-3 Formation.

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This must be one of the most common 9v9 formations in existence and it’s primarily down to the good practice it provides for playing the world’s most standardized 11v11 formation: 4-4-2. 3-3-2 has several more issues in eliminating space around the field than it’s natural successor in 4-4-2, but is still a simple, effective approach to winning games in 9v9 for managers and coaches who don’t want to over-complicate things.

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Formations 9v9: 3-2-3. in Formations, Tactics. The pros and cons of 9v9 formations... tactics for the 3-2-3 formation MORE. The best attacking system. in Email newsletters, Formations. The 4-3-3 is a great system to study if you are looking for a system of play for your team. No matter the age or the numbers of players involved the principles ...

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9v9 . Formation: 1-2-4-2 or 1-2-4-1-1 #1: Role of the Goal Keeper: keepers should learn how to support the back line in possession, how to distribute and be the first line of attack instead of just punt the ball long. Keepers need to learn to pass the ball on goal kicks rather than just kick it long.